Friday, April 11, 2014

Karunn Kandoi Spearheads technology to revolutionize private tuition

Karunn Kandoi, has earned several accreditations over the years while fulfilling multiple roles which include an entrepreneur, businessman, manager of many corporate ventures and a thorough professional. Presently, Karunn Kandoi is serving as the President, SDT & IBat Extramarks Education Private Ltd., India’s premiere educational venture.
The online classes are gaining momentum for the fact that they have made Education easy, effortless and accessible. The inclination of kids towards virtual world further supports the e-Learning thought and to build the pace right from the beginning Karunn Kandoi understood this need to cover up the learning modules from class Nursery till 12th.
The online classes provided by  Extramarks are an excellent substitute to the private tuitions. The reason behind online tutoring scoring over private tuitions is the convenience that it offers in terms of time, space and money. It saves the proportion of time and energy that student wastes in travelling to private tuition centres; which otherwise can be directed towards self paced study at home. Moreover, online tuitions also provide an opportunity to students to have teachers help only in the subjects that seem difficult to them.
Online tutoring provided by Extramarks is well formulated technology that provides various features such as multimedia content, mentor program, assessments etc  enabling real time study help to the students. It is an assimilation of the benefits of physical classroom with the convenience of a ‘no-physical-bar’ virtual learning environment.It allows Students to communicate with the tutors through Internet and get the queries solved instantly. This One-to-one interaction between student and teacher through white board technology involves both of them sharing their information. Thus, both the teacher and the student are able to see each other and it’s just like face-to-face private tuitions but with added advantages.
In today’s fast paced world where both the parents are working and don’t get time to take their wards to tuition centres and guide their child. The round the clock online tutoring, parents can remain secure that their child is at home and getting quality education. They can also keep a watch on child’s study while performing their other chores.

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